Horse Owners Edition

Below is a sample interactive just click on the 'Begin' button to begin. Follow the directions given on each page; not all of the sections are linked and functional in this sample.

The actual Interactive contains the same main sections and nearly all the sections have several sub sections for a total of 66 Pages of animations, interactives and illustrations. These include:

Chapter.1 Surface anatomy
Chapter.2 Skeletal Anatomy
Chapter.3 The skeleton in motion
Chapter.4 Muscle anatomy
Chapter.5 Circulatory and Respiratory anatomy
which includes: Heart anatomy, schematics of the arteries and veins, animation of blood circulation, upper respiratory system anatomy, lung anatomy, oxygen transport and an animation of lung movement at the canter.
Chapter.6 Reproductive anatomy which includes: male and female anatomy, meiosis, fertilization of the egg, early development and later development.
Chapter.7 Lower leg and hoof anatomy which includes: lower leg and hoof anatomy, pathologies of the hoof, pathologies of the lower leg, conformation, animations of movement of poor conformation and bone growth, senior bones/joints, animation of bone stress.
Chapter.8 Digestive anatomy which includes: overview of digestive system, equine dentition, dental deformities, abnormal tooth wear, colic, pathologies: colic, enteroliths, ulcers, choke; Parasites: bots, ascarids, tapeworms, strongyles, pin worms.
Chapter.9 Neuroanatomy which includes: nerve schematic, cranial nerves, nerve systems, micro anatomy of a nerve and anatomy of the brain. The actual interactive is expandable to be as large as the screen you view it on.

The interactive is only available online, you must have Adobe Flash Player to view it. In the future it will be available on CD and those who have unlimited use will receive a CD at that time. Cost is: for single users: $15 for 16 weeks of use, $45 for 2 years of use and $75 for unlimited use.